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Untold Hogwarts

The stories we didn't read

Hogwarts: The Untold Stories
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Welcome to

This is a new Harry Potter based RPG. Hogwarts is full of students, not just the ones mentioned in Rowling’s novels. This RPG will be their stories. Original characters are welcome, as well as characters mentioned by name or with only minimal roles. And these will be the focus of the RPG. These are the stories that take place in the halls of Hogwarts that Rowling did not tell.

This RPG takes place during Harry Potter’s fifth year, but whether our students discuss the events that are happening in book five is entirely up to the individual. It is the backdrop, not the main point of this game. Players 18 and older wanted.


1. Read the rules.
2. Apply for your character.
3. Once you have applied for the character, request membership to the group. When I have approved your application I will approve your membership.
4. Your character’s journal is yours to post in as you please. Use either blog form or narrative form or a combination of both.
5. Post as your character in your character’s journal The community is for OOC posts about the game.
6. Be sure to keep track of the members list on this info pages and make sure you friend them.
7. Put your character's profile in your character's journal info page.

ALL PLAYERS MUST APPLY AND BE APPROVED BEFORE JOINING! I’ve been approving every request to join that’s come to me, but from now on here it is:
I will not approve any membership request until I get an application.
Do NOT request membership for your real life personal journal!
You can WATCH from your private journal, but actual membership is for character journals. We play using primarily our friends page, and non-character journals spoil it.

Please fill out the following application and e-mail it to VictorianBeauty(at)Gmail(dot)com. Fear not, I'm not a hard sell. :-)

Character Name:
House and Year:
Character Age:
Your Name:
Your Age:
Live Journal Name: The Character’s journal name is manditory. Your own is optional
Character Profile:
Sample Entry for Character:

1. Character posts go in the character'sjournal. The community journal is for OOC discussions of the RPG.
2. Flame wars between characters are fine. However, flame wars between players will not be tolerated. No OOC drama alowed!
3. This is supposed to be fun. Purity to the work is respected, admired, and encouraged here, but no one is perfect. While purity is appreciated, knit-picking if someone misses a detail is not. However, do be as cannon-close as you are able at all times. We all need to be operating in the same world here.
4. No god-mode or power play.
5. Do not attempt to censor other players by blocking them from replying in your journal.
6. Slash and adult content is allowed, but please put it behind an LJ cut with a warning. (In order to please the powers that be at LJ, all characters, thought they attend Hogwarts, are all secretly over 18 and only pretending to be young enough to go to the school. However, this is your character's deep dark secret and needs never be voiced within the game. In fact, please feel free to act as if your character isn't even aware of this fact.)
7. Please put pictures behind an LJ cut.
8. When you e-mail me your application, put the word “Sunset” in the subject so I know you read the rules.
9. I’m not a spelling and Grammar Nazi, but English please. No netspeak.
10. Please post on a regular basis. Non-activity will get you booted.
11. Advertise for the group! The more the merrier!
12. Have fun!

Non compliance with the rules will result in a warning in all but extreme cases, and then possible banning from the group. I reserve the right to add rules at any time. Any rule updates will be noted in the community.

Any problems should be reported to the mod at VictorianBeauty(at)gmail(dot)com

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